Check the SMB version in use for a file share


Check the SMB version in use for a file share

To check which SMB version is being used over a connection between two computers, run the following PowerShell command:




which will show the SMB connections and the dialect that is being used.

PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-SmbConnection


ServerName    ShareName     UserName     Credential   Dialect      NumOpens

----------    ---------     --------     ----------   -------      --------

ser08r2    c$           SAVILLTEC... SAVILLTEC... 2.10         1

serv01      c$           SAVILLTEC... SAVILLTEC... 3.00        1

ser2016  softsh      SAVILLTEC... SAVILLTEC... 3.00         1


To check if encryption is enabled or not over a connection you can use this command:

PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-SmbConnection | Select-Object -Property *


ContinuouslyAvailable : False

Credential            : domain\administrator

Dialect               : 3.00

Encrypted             : False

NumOpens              : 3

ServerName            : server1

ShareName             : test

UserName              : SERVER1\Administrator

PSComputerName        :

CimClass              : ROOT/Microsoft/Windows/SMB:MSFT_SmbConnection

CimInstanceProperties : {ContinuouslyAvailable, Credential, Dialect, Encrypted...}

CimSystemProperties   : Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure.CimSystemProperties


Once you know a connection to a share in SMB3 is encrypted you know all traffic will be encrypted between the two computers over that share.


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