Welcome to phishandchips.dev!

My name is Luke Varley and i am a Technical Escalation Engineer for BeyondTrust Software with their Endpoint Privilege Management series of products.

Over the years, i have learned tonnes from random blogs of other technical professionals online when researching issues i have been working on. Without those individuals documenting their work and sharing their notes online, i would not have learned as much as i have over my 10+ years working in the IT industry.

I have decided to do the same and share some of my notes i have made over the years online for other people to benefit from for good karma's sake. After all, the original purpose of the internet was to share information and ideas for educational purposes!

I may also post some other ramblings from my life from time to time or document other things i want to share from my HomeLab, as that's one of my main hobby's these days.

In my spare time when I'm not out enjoying the countryside with my significant other I'm normally working on small side projects in my homelab such as: Docker, Kubernetes, VMware, Hyper-v, Windows Server, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi, Data Hoarding, Networking, Plex, Veeam, BeyondTrust, Sophos, Powershell, Batch, Bash and other software and technology that interests me.

Thanks everyone for taking time to read this and have a wonderful day !

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