Granular control of update packages on windows 10 with WuMgr (Update Manager for Windows)



Granular control of update packages on windows 10 with WuMgr (Update Manager for Windows)

Thursday, January 6, 2022

11:53 PM

so I spent all morning working on a case where I need to test a specific windows patch, could not get the ones i want to install even though i knew they were the right packages from the windows update catalogue, i thought they are cumulative right so they should just work with no pre-reqs.....


well guess what, there was a pre-req to that cumulative update that was not listed by MS anywhere in their documentation online, but magically once i install the 2021-08 servicing stack update then magically i can now install those cumulate updates i need to test with for my case....


what a mess!


i found a great tool to help me figure it out:


this tool is great, basically it lets you use windows update like it used to work in Windows XP where you can install single updates one by one but it will only show ones that are compatible. so if you don't see the ones you want to test with listed for install then you know it's not going to be compatible with the machine.


what i did in my case was i noticed my listed security updates stopped at august servicing stack update, so I installed that one and now i can see the cumulative updates right up to the current month, which is good for me because i need to test with September, October and then November 1 by 1 in that order.


if you use it in offline mode this way it works great, definitely will come in use in the future for cases.


def saves time too, windows update stuff takes ages to test because you need to wait for it to check for updates each time you make a change which can take like 15 mins just to bring back a list of updates to install, never mind the actual installation lol.


From WuMgr Github:


WuMgr (Update Manager for Windows) is a tool to manage updates of Microsoft products on the Windows operating system. It uses the "Windows Update Agent API" to identify as well as download and install missing updates. It allows the user fine control of updates on modern (Windows 10) operating system versions, comparable to what windows 7 and 8.1 offered.

This tool is inspired by the Windows Update Mini Tool (WUMT), however in comparison to WUMT it is written in pure .NET instead of C/C++, and it is open source.

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